Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A Good Summer Read.

Summer is a great time for reading. During the school year, everything I read is for a class or for other educational purposes. So I get to the end of the school year and I've convinced myself I hate reading. It only takes one book though to remind myself that I do in fact love curling up on the couch or out in the sunshine with a great book.
I started off the summer reading The Next Best Thing by Jennifer Weiner. It was predictable, repetitive and quite frankly, boring. But I finished it, because I hate leaving a book unfinished. I always give a book the benefit of the doubt that it will somehow redeem itself in the last chapter.
The second book I chose to read, and just finished today, was Still LoLo, a true story written by a girl who lost her hand and one eye when she walked into a plane's spinning propeller. It's a story of redemption and God's grace written from not only her perspective, but her families' as well. It's a quick read (I think I finished in only 3 days), but I'd give it an A+.
Now I need a new book to get me through these next few weeks before work starts. Any suggestions?

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