Monday, July 1, 2013

Wave a flag. It's June 30th.

Last night I had a great 30th of June celebration. What's that, you might ask? It's kinda like the 4th of July, just not on July 4th. So clever, right? Well, it was wonderful. We started off by beating the heat with a water balloon tossing competition, during which I got completely soaked. Enough food to feed an army was then made (what better way to celebrate 'murica than with lots of food?). We listened to Jonny Cash and other American classics. We danced with sparklers and then illegally put on our own little fireworks show in the backyard. Ironically, a firetruck with it's sirens drove down our street at that exact time, and we were convinced it was for us and we'd been caught. It wasn't, and so we continued lighting boxes from China with names like Golden Fountain and Rain Dance. We ended the night with the best apple cobbler you'll ever taste, topped with vanilla ice cream. I'm feeling rather patriotic after a night like last night. Let's make every day the 4th of July.

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