Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Little Reminders

Went to my first CBU sporting event tonight. A basketball game against APU: our rivals. We won, of course. But being there made me miss BFA basketball so much. They even had a little pep band like BFA! (not middle schoolers this time though). Haha but nothing will compare to those cold Friday nights in our little falcon gym. Will a time ever come where I can simply go through my day to day life without being painfully reminded of that place I love so much? The memories hit me in the gut, almost like that time when a basketball player from a base team team flew right into my lap as he tried to save a ball from going out of bounds. True story. Slightly awkward. Anyway, basketball is just one of those things that is so closely tied to BFA for me, especially after managing the girls team for two years, so being around it again tonight made me a little reminiscent of days gone by. I don't yet know if a day will ever come when things stop reminding me of BFA, and honestly, I think I'd be ok if it never did.

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