Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Better Late Than Never

Are you ever just amazed at how something could have been right in front of you for so long, yet you just now took notice to it? Like a stain on your shirt you've been wearing all day. Or just now realizing during second semester that the caf has a constant supply of bagels. Or realizing that person who has only ever been a friend, might actually be something more. These realizations make us feel stupid and oblivious. How could we have not seen what was right before our eyes all along? And usually we come to these realizations a tad too late. The day is done; everyone has seen the stain. The year is almost over; so many days I could have eaten a bagel: passed. The boy is gone; a chance at love: lost. Is it worth changing your shirt now? Is it worth starting to eat bagels now? Is it worth loving that boy now?
I'd argue that yes, it is.

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  1. Our dining hall has bread. i had no idea. bread and a toaster. i feel your pain